Anzisha Entrepreneur Profiles

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Naledi Mosweu

Guardian Angels Company

Botswana, 2012

Naledi Mosweu is the founder of Guardian Angels Co., an award-winning company that produces, markets, and sells a line of solid, alcohol-free perfumes for both men and women across Botswana, the African continent, and potentially worldwide.

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Best Aiyorworth

Girls Power Micro Lending Organization

Uganda, 2013

Best Aiyorworth started the Girls’ Power Micro Lending Organisation, a micro lending business that gives businesswomen capital, enabling them to grow their businesses, support their daughters and ensure they get an education.

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Barclay Paul Okari

Safi Pads

Kenya, 2013

Barclay Paul Okari of Kenya is one of the co-founders of Safi-pads, which produces, markets, and sells inexpensive, reusable and washable sanitary towels for women and young girls in his country, enabling better school attendance.

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David Morfaw

Poult-Vault Inc.

Cameroon, 2013

David Morfaw is the founder of the poultry business Poult-Vault Inc., a business which provides chicken and eggs to his community and gives the poultry waste produced to local farmers, who use it as manure for raising crops and other produce

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