Anzisha Entrepreneur Profiles

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Lindokuhle Mdluli


Swaziland, 2012

Lindokuhle Mdluli is the founder of Eco-Eagle. His company produces high- yield organic produce on non-arable land, using hydrophonic and other low-cost methods, generating a 10X return on its initial investment.

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David Morfaw

Poult-Vault Inc.

Cameroon, 2013

David Morfaw is the founder of the poultry business Poult-Vault Inc., a business which provides chicken and eggs to his community and gives the poultry waste produced to local farmers, who use it as manure for raising crops and other produce

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Nadege Iradukunda

UYRD Biogas Digesters

Rwanda, 2012

Nadege Iradukunda is a founding member of the United Youth for Rwandan Development, an organization which spearheads the deployment of biogas solutions in schools, serving over 15,000 students in Rwanda.

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Laetitia Mukungu

Africa Rabbit Center

Kenya, 2012

Laetitia Mukungu is the founder of the Africa Rabbit Center, based in Kenya, a cooperative organization that raises and sells rabbits, their fur, and their waste products profitably in order to help local women pay for their childrens’ educational needs.

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