Every year, the Anzisha Prize selects ambassadors who inform, advise and celebrate young entrepreneurs from across the continent! Our ambassadors are chosen because of the reach and influence of their network, their alignment with the Anzisha Prize mission and their ability to connect with young entrepreneurs due to their personal and professional experiences.


Meet our ambassadors below!

Tebogo Malope

Born in Soweto, South Africa, Tebogo is a SAFTA Award winning director, Mail&Gurardian Top 200 YSA’13, Loerie Award Winner, Partner at Bomb Shelter, the largest TV production company in Africa and entrepreneur. Some of the awards that he has won include the Golden Horn Award for Best Achievement in Directing in a TV Drama (Tempy Pushas) and TV Soap (Isibaya). He scripted and directed the film For Love and Broken Bones, which won the Jury Prize for narrative feature film at the Portland Film Festival in 2015. Tebogo has also worked in over 40 countries on the continent, shooting and directing music videos, TV commercials, films and numerous TV series, has a passion for youth and has served as a youth leader for over 10 years.


He is an entrepreneur himself, having published a anthology of photographs called Black Ambition: Life in two Lenses with ambitions to launch his Foundation assisting young artists go to school and involvement in different business ventures.

Tebogo lives and believes in the mission of Anzisha Prize, which is to search for, celebrate and scale African youth entrepreneurs. His continental experience and view of youth and entrepreneurship makes him a great partner in pursuit of our vision. It is therefore a great pleasure to introduce him as our 2017 Anzisha Prize Ambassador.

To find out more about Tebogo and to ask him about Anzisha Prize, follow him on his social media.



Twitter: @TebogoMalope
Instagram: @TebogoMalope