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The Anzisha Prize Fellowship

We champion Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs.

The Anzisha Prize is a 3-year fellowship program that supports the growth of young entrepreneurs and recognises and incentivises their achievements. Our model –The Anzisha Methodology – equips young people with the tools and resources needed to run successful businesses. Through an individual and collective entrepreneurial development journey, the fellowship focus on key areas of support:

  • Business Development
    • Support enterprises to codify and automate key operations
    • Businesses will be supported to build a purposeful team to accelerate growth
  • Personal Leadership
    • We offer mental and emotional well-being sessions
    • Develop managerial skills to run a successful team
    • Deliver skills training workshops to lead fellows to their goals

The Anzisha Methodology – building a culture of recognition

The Anzisha Methodology is our programmatic approach of ensuring that each business can eventually function without requiring the entrepreneur to be actively involved in all daily operations. Through this approach, the program is designed to recognize big and small progress achieved within the fellowship. Entrepreneurs will be expected to meet pre-determined milestones to unlock different categories of incentives that include:

Cash Stipends

Fellows will receive cash stipends at different intervals during the duration of the fellowship and will be required to meet agreed upon milestones as a pre-condition to qualify for the cash stipend.

Entrepreneur Shadow Program

An entrepreneur has the chance to shadow a business in their country or region they have identified as exceptional and want to learn from and emulate.

Service Provider Program

Fellows have the opportunity to apply for a professional individual with specialized technical skillsets to work in thebusiness to deliver a technical solution for a specified period of time.

Educational Courses

Learning never stops. Entrepreneurs can apply for short courses that will enhance their leadership and business development skills

Finance Readiness

Access to a financial analyst to provide technical support for the preparation of relevant documentation required for engaging prospective investors.

Young Entrepreneurs Fund

A debt funding tool to match financing already secured from an external investor

Those selected as Anzisha Prize fellows will become members of an active and dynamic community of changemakers across Africa who are exploring how to drive, scale, and make positive and lasting change in their communities through entrepreneurship.

Terms and Conditions

The fellowship options and duration are communicated in detail to each cohort upon their notification as a finalist. The Anzisha Prize reserves the right to change the fellowship package at any time considering available resources and after appropriate consultations.

The fellowship agreement is not just about Anzisha's promise to each fellow, it is also about their promise to us, their country, and the continent. We want them to be a leader in their community and beyond.

Meet your coaches

The Anzisha team coaches are entrepreneurial experts who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business world. For the next three years, they will develop and guide young entrepreneurs to unlock their full entrepreneurial potential. The coaches have faced similar challenges and are able to steer these start-ups on a successful path.

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