The Anzisha Accelerator Camp Experience


Every year, 15 of Africa’s top youngest entrepreneurs come to South Africa to participate in a week long accelerator camp in South Africa.

Here’s what Anzisha Fellows have shared with us about their Anzisha Prize journey:

“It was my first time to pitch but you guys taught me a lot. I learnt to be precise and communicate effectively and clearly within the shortest time possible.” – 2016 Anzisha Fellow

“I won’t forget the following… the my stories, assembly induction (wow!), and the dinner hosted by Josh Adler. I learned a lot from how to engage and live with different kinds of people anywhere of which I will apply to my daily life, everything has been the best.” – 2016 Anzisha Fellow

“This (interacting with experts during workshops) was one of the best moments for me during my time here, as Anzisha cared enough to give us experts in order to better our ventures. It gave me a very clear vision for my project and so many valuable suggestions I will certainly be using. I would say for our businesses this was the most valuable experience.” – 2015 Anzisha Fellow

(On the sessions with the African Leadership Academy EL team) showed be different perspectives of the various stakeholders in my business and was a reminder to do business with integrity – all the time.” – 2015 Anzisha Fellow

Learn more about their journey to get here and the camp experience down below.


During the Anzisha Accelerator Camp, Anzisha finalists receive:

  • Training with the African Leadership Academy’s premier entrepreneurship faculty and curriculum
  • Mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals
  • Workshops which explore the Anzisha Finalist’s business model*
  • Site visits to a venture similar to their own on a grander scale in South Africa
  • Support from an African Leadership Academy student to assist them with preparation for the Final Pitch to Anzisha judges
  • Exposure of their brand and their business to the global community through extensive media coverage of themselves and other members of their cohort
  • Access to the African Leadership Academy co-founders, Chris Bradford and Fred Swaniker
  • $2,000 to inject into their enterprise
  • $500 worth of equipment

Some of the topics covered in the workshop include detailed guidance on: Resources and partnerships, distribution channels, scaling ventures, negotiation 101, and management of online persona.