And across Africa we go for the 2017 Anzisha Prize Tour

Written by , 22nd February 2017

Every year, when Anzisha Prize applications open, we hit the road to find Africa’s top youngest entrepreneurs during the Anzisha Prize Tour. The Anzisha Prize Tour helps us to find a diverse pool of applicants, through on the ground partnerships with organizations throughout Africa which also have a similar mission of reducing youth unemployment in […]

Incredible funding opportunities for young Africans

Written by , 22nd February 2017

  Getting a venture off the ground or growing an existing business as a young entrepreneur can be difficult: raising capital without a solid credit history or having valuable assets to use for security are a challenge. The good news is there are organisations that offer funding opportunities to help rising stars shine. We believe […]

Young Moroccan entrepreneur digitizes the road

Written by , 22nd February 2017

Ten years ago, Moroccan entrepreneur Issam Darui started work as his bus-driver brother’s assistant. In the humming bus stations of the country’ cities, the then 13-year old Darui saw a gap in the public transport market, and the seeds for his company were sown. is Morocco’s first electronic bus station where the country’s growing […]

Anzisha Prize for African youth entrepreneurs opens applications for 2017

Written by , 15th February 2017

African Leadership Academy and The MasterCard Foundation today launched the 2017 call for applications for the Anzisha Prize, Africa’s award for youth entrepreneurs who are making their mark on Africa’s entrepreneurial landscape. Fifteen of Africa’s most promising business and social entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 and 22 have the opportunity to win a share of US$100,000, receive ongoing business consulting services, and connect to a global network of leaders.

Why we love very young entrepreneurs in Africa

Written by , 13th February 2017

As we are about to open applications and embark on the 2017 Anzisha Prize tour in search for a cohort of amazing, successful very young entrepreneurs (VYEs) aged 15 to 22, we reflect on the top five reasons why we love these special entrepreneurs and why we think you should too.   2016 Grand Prize […]

Paying yourself a salary as a small business owner: If your business requires your free labour, is it truly viable?

Written by , 8th February 2017

As a small business owner, you may have encountered difficulty in paying yourself a salary, or at the very least a steady and predictable salary. This is not an uncommon problem. Many struggle both with setting their salary at a particular level and with then consistently paying themselves that salary. You may set the salary level based on what philosophy you subscribe to. But paying yourself that salary consistently may need you to change how you think about your business financial management.

Young woman seizes gap in logistics market, inspiring other talented entrepreneurial girls

Written by , 7th February 2017

Ifrah Arab, at only twenty years old, mastered the business of last mile distribution in a remote part of Northeastern Kenya. Essential items were not reaching people because of poor infrastructure and high prices, risking health and well being in vulnerable communities. Possessing a social conscience as well as entrepreneurial flair, Ms. Arab approached major […]

What the military teaches us about training entrepreneurs

Written by , 31st January 2017

Boot camps have their history rooted in the military where, from the 1900s, countries at war sought effective and efficient ways to train up their civilians into soldiers. This has become a sort of art, with each country’s military designing programmes that would ultimately ‘create’ the type of soldier they seek to have fighting on […]

Anzisha Prize to Ecosystem: Fight Bias Against Women in Business to Encourage Female Participation in Entrepreneurship

Written by , 26th January 2017

Meet Ifrah Arab, 20 from Kenya, founder of SuperMom, a last-mile distribution company which employs women and makes sustainable products easily accessible to them in rural communities.  Also just as incredible is Vanessa Zommi, 22 from Cameroon, founder of Afya Tea, a venture which seeks to lower the diabetes rate throughout Africa by creating affordable […]

2015: Anzisha Magazine Issue 2

Written by , 23rd January 2017

In November 2015, the second issue of the #AnzishaEffect came out – we explore how we do our work, and some perspectives from our team and our entrepreneurs!

Download it for free!

2014: Anzisha Magazine Issue 1

Written by , 23rd January 2017

In November 2014, we published our first issue of the #AnzishaEffect magazine. This edition celebrates our first four years of the Anzisha Prize, and has information on all our 45 Anzisha Fellows. You can also hear all about our plans for the future – onward to 2020!

Anzisha Youth Entrepreneurship Survey 2016

Written by , 23rd January 2017

The Anzisha Youth Entrepreneurship Survey 2016 provides a snapshot into the realities facing young entrepreneurs in Africa. It focuses on five areas of operating a business, namely (1) Growth, (2) Sales and marketing, (3) Human resources, (4) Funding and (5) Support. It is intended that stakeholders such as policy makers, support organisations, and entrepreneurs themselves will benefit from these insights. Download it for free!