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Incredible funding opportunities for young Africans

Written by , 22nd February 2017

  Getting a venture off the ground or growing an existing business as a young entrepreneur can be difficult: raising capital without a solid credit history or having valuable assets to use for security are a challenge. The good news is there are organisations that offer funding opportunities to help rising stars shine. We believe […]

Anzisha Youth Entrepreneurship Survey 2016

Written by , 23rd January 2017

The Anzisha Youth Entrepreneurship Survey 2016 provides a snapshot into the realities facing young entrepreneurs in Africa. It focuses on five areas of operating a business, namely (1) Growth, (2) Sales and marketing, (3) Human resources, (4) Funding and (5) Support. It is intended that stakeholders such as policy makers, support organisations, and entrepreneurs themselves will benefit from these insights. Download it for free!

BUILD-in-a-Box Report: A Replicable Model for Youth-led Learning

Written by , 23rd January 2017

African Leadership Academy (ALA) aims to create a pipeline of leaders for Africa through entrepreneurial leadership. ALA students undergo a two-year educational program that trains them to create workable models to capture opportunities and develop solutions to problems in their communities. Read about how they make this happen.

Five Tips to Get Your Venture Ready to Apply for Anzisha Prize 2017

Written by , 12th January 2017

Anzisha Prize applications will be opining soon, on the 15th of February. You might be worried that your venture is not yet ready, but there is so much you can do right away to prepare to apply for the Prize. Your venture could be a few tweaks away from taking the grand prize. Here are some tips for things you could focus on right away to get you ready.

Strategy on the Brain? Here Are Some Resources to get your Venture Strategy Right!

Written by , 12th May 2016

There are millions of books and articles written about strategy, strategic planning, strategic processes etc. around the world, and yet it is the one area in small business that is still not highly considered as a need. This could be to various reasons including the urgency to survive in business, a lack of understanding of […]

Marketing Lessons for the Growth-Seeking Entrepreneur

Written by , 10th May 2016

Marketing (the process) is often confused with the different activities , such a advertising, that are included in the overall process aimed at delivering value to customers in order to satisfy their needs at a profitable return for the business. An understanding of Marketing, will assist the small business owner develop better marketing strategies that […]

Some Country Analytical Reports to Help You Decide on Business Entry in African Markets

Written by , 12th April 2016

Doing business in Africa is an exciting experience. However, in order to start and run a business effectively, one has to have specific, relevant and reliable information about the country they wish to do business. The information on this page provides useful information accumulated from various sources about doing business in different African countries. This […]