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Young Moroccan entrepreneur digitizes the road

Written by , 22nd February 2017

Ten years ago, Moroccan entrepreneur Issam Darui started work as his bus-driver brother’s assistant. In the humming bus stations of the country’ cities, the then 13-year old Darui saw a gap in the public transport market, and the seeds for his company Lagare.ma were sown. Lagare.ma is Morocco’s first electronic bus station where the country’s growing […]

Young woman seizes gap in logistics market, inspiring other talented entrepreneurial girls

Written by , 7th February 2017

Ifrah Arab, at only twenty years old, mastered the business of last mile distribution in a remote part of Northeastern Kenya. Essential items were not reaching people because of poor infrastructure and high prices, risking health and well being in vulnerable communities. Possessing a social conscience as well as entrepreneurial flair, Ms. Arab approached major […]

Anzisha Fellows Rock Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship Youth Category at #ALN2016

Written by , 7th November 2016

For the first ever distribution of the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship to youth, three Anzisha Prize Fellows have been nominated by one of Africa’s most prominent leadership communities. Five days ago, Anzisha Fellows: Fabrice Alomo, Chukwuwezam Obanor and Andrew Mupuya packed their bags to head over to the beautiful country of Mauritius to be recognized amongst […]

Innovative Nigerian tutor aggregater experiences exponential growth

Written by , 16th June 2016

While the Prize has already received well over 500 applicants, only around 5% of these are from entrepreneurs in North Africa – mainly Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

Four promising young businesspeople from African frontier markets

Written by , 21st April 2016

There are some frontier markets in Africa that have only seen one entrepreneur apply for the Anzisha Prize – and we decided to highlight a few.

The young women entrepreneurs looking to champion Africa

Written by , 14th April 2016

While in the past there have been a lot fewer women applicants for the Anzisha Prize than men, history also shows these young women can have a considerable social impact in their communities.

The young Zimbabwean with a free online classroom for students

Written by , 17th March 2016

“When you have a good idea and that burning desire within to bring change, do not let anyone tell you that you can’t do it,” says Farai Munjoma.

Cameroonian puts diabetes to flight with tea manufacturing business

Written by , 10th March 2016

“At first I was doing this just for my mom, but then I realised this could help other people like her in Cameroon, as well as Africa.”

How a 17-year-old started a poultry business in the slums of Dar es Salaam

Written by , 18th February 2016

Sirjeff Dennis was five when he witnessed a neighbour lose her seven-month old son to malnutrition, and it created a passion to fight hunger in his community.

Meet the young woman with a healthcare service for Nigeria’s low-income families

Written by , 4th February 2016

Here is how Nigerian Blessing Kwomo (20) started her holistic healthcare company that tackles the cause of illness.

Young Ghanaian builds footwear company with a difference

Written by , 22nd December 2015

Mabel Suglo shares how her grandmother’s leprosy inspired her to start EcoShoes in Kumasi.

How this 22-year-old aims to shake up online shopping in Cameroon

Written by , 21st December 2015

Fabrice Alomo is the Cameroonian entrepreneur behind an innovative business that aims to solve many of the challenges surrounding online shopping in his country.