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A community of Investors for VERY YOUNG African entrepreneurs!


Access to finance is difficult for any entrepreneur. It's particularly difficult if you are very young, with deep credibility and trust factors at play.

A growing community of investors are working with the Anzisha Prize program to understand how best to offer finance to VERY YOUNG entrepreneurs to enable their transitions from school to entrepreneurship and build deal pipeline for later stages. We are innovating at all levels - the investment instruments, investment readiness support and co-investment models. We look forward to your support!

Young Entrepreneurs Matching Fund

The Young Entrepreneurs Fund seeks inspire investors and institutions to invest significantly more into Very Young Entrepreneurs (VYE). We will primarily do so by amplifying their investments through a matching debt fund to investors into the high potential, very young  Entrepreneurs that have been selected and trained by a African Leadership Academy
(ALA) program, but also by testing, implementing and sharing diverse models for investing in VYEs – to inspire and
enable other institutions to build their own structures to invest in the very young. The Young Entrepreneurs Fund is a
partnership between African Leadership Academy and the Omidyar Network.


Resources & Books

We have a collection of resources for investors including term sheet templates from our debt fund, a book on how to judge entrepreneur competitions for very young people and an upcoming guide to investing in very young African entrepreneurs.

Angel Investor Training

We've launched Angel Investor training in partnership with the African Leadership Network and ABAN, to help donors and supporters be capable investors and consider co-investing in graduates of leadership programs.

Anzisha Investor of the Year Award

In 2020, we will seek nominations for and award the inaugural Anzisha Supporters Award to an Investor who has actively invested into African entrepreneurs younger that 25 years old at the time of funding. Do you know an investor who has done this? We want to hear your story, learn from them on how to do this well and recognize your work to contribution very young entrepreneurs.

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