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Entrepreneurship for Parents

What if entrepreneurship were a career?

Join this network to find out how to secure your child’s future and prepare them for the real world. 

Powered by the Anzisha Prize, this community is geared towards families seeking both a support network and guidance to cultivate their children’s entrepreneurial aspirations. 


About the Anzisha Parents’ Community

We welcome you to our supportive, judgment-free community where you can gain access to practical, adaptable resources to facilitate your child’s post-secondary transition in a rapidly changing world. In this community, you can realistically explore traditional and non-traditional pathways to income with your child.

Why Join Us?

Simple. It takes a village to prepare our children for the future. 

Of course, not everyone will pursue entrepreneurship, nor should they. Yet, the future of work demands certain skills and ways of thinking that entrepreneurship can help develop. As the likely first supporters and investors of very young entrepreneurs, parents play a critical role in the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem. We recognize that the decision to pursue entrepreneurship can weigh heavily on youth and their families alike. As much as very young entrepreneurs need support, so, too, do those who are closest to them and who embark on a parallel journey.  

When you join the community, you will access: 

  • A judgment-free space to share concerns, explore ideas, and develop solutions  
  • Tools and strategies to foster lifelong entrepreneurial skills in your children 
  • Parent-focused research and resources 
  • Opportunities to share your experiences with other families 

Resources We Offer

Parenting the boss book

Chronicling the experiences of five African families, this book details firsthand accounts of navigating the entrepreneurship space as families. These stories reinforce our belief that it takes a village for very young entrepreneurs to thrive. 


This book offers parents a practical guide to respond to concerns about their children’s careers in ever-evolving economic realities. It further reinforces the crucial role parents can play in the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

Copy of Parenting The Boss - Square Social Posts-2

In How to Raise World-of-Work-Ready Kids, you will learn more about the entrepreneurship landscape and build a custom action plan to help you and your child to explore it together.

What Parents Say About Entrepreneurship

“Parents need support in entrepreneurship and education. [They need to] see other successful entrepreneurs so that they have less anxiety about their children choosing entrepreneurship.”

- Anonymous, Anzisha Forum Parent Workshop 2019

“Whatever line or career your child is going to choose, we need to focus on building their value systems, teaching them about courage, the importance of problem solving, etc. If parents spend time building that core and investing in it, we will be less anxious, because we know the kind of person they will become.”

- Lawrence Kinyanjui, Parent

Get Involved Now!

Knowing there are competing demands for your time and attention, we offer the following ways for you to participate, at your convenience, in the community. 

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