Beyond the Lemonade Stand (South Africa)


Beyond the Lemonade Stand is an organisation that finds and accelerates teenage led enterprises. This is done by finding the best teenage led enterprises from those that pitch at their festival of ideas. 

Beyond the Lemonade Stand then assists the shortlisted teenagers to build viable business models at bootcamps which are facilitated by entrepreneurs. This network of established entrepreneurs further provides post camp coaching and support.

Further connections are made as teens can list their businesses on the organisation’s e-commerce site as an alternative revenue generating option.

Beyond The Lemonade Stand also hosts an annual TeenPreneur Festival.


To develop a generation that believes they are capable of achieving their dreams, not just believes but also acts on it, too.

Impact and Success Stories:

The national TeenPreneur Festival has been a major part of the organisation’s success. This festival recognises teenpreneurs with the goal of inspiring youth to view entrepreneurship as an exciting option, to develop a basic understanding of business principles and to be ambitious in their career goals.