Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants D’enterprise (CJD) Senegal


The Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants D’enterprise (CJD) Senegal is a labor movement that brings together Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives. It assists leaders and entrepreneurs in their mission by analysing the heart of their business strategy and by offering advise on the development of responsible, viable and sustainable structures.


To promote new ideas and to make new enterprises both more competitive and sustainable. Also, to assist young leaders  improve their personal performance and that of their companies.


Impact and Success Stories

The Entrepreneur’s Race

This innovative concept was devised by the Center of Young Leaders (CJD). The Entrepreneur’s Race was developed with the objective to symbolize the various stages of business creation and aims to promote entrepreneurship among young people. The 1st edition of the Race Entrepreneur organized by the CJD Senegal with the support of the city of Dakar was held Saturday, June 29, 2013.

Saga Africa / Hub Africa

Every year since 2012 CJD Senegal organizes the Saga Africa caravan. Saga Africa is a caravan of entrepreneurship that finds project holders and fifty young entrepreneurs who participate in the HUB lounge AFRICA, a living room of investors and entrepreneurs in Africa.

For more information, see the article dedicated to the Saga Africa Caravan