Habaka Innovation Hub


The Habaka Innovation Hub is a hub for innovation and technology for the community in Madagascar. They coordinate and initiate collaborative events, training sessions and develop technology for startups.


  • Conducting discussions on development paths for Habaka
  • Make proposals on possible improvements to the projects and activities of Habaka
  • Design project files to be submitted to different technical and financial partners
  • Reply, in consultation with other organisations, to tender calls for expressions of interest within the Habaka skills fields

Impact and success stories:

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Since 2013, Habaka is the official host for Global Entrepreneurship Week in Madagascar where the community celebrates startups and entrepreneurship. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is an international initiative that introduces entrepreneurship to youth in six continents. GEW emerged in 2008 following the Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Week UK Week USA 2007. Since its inception, more than 10 million people from 102 countries participated in entrepreneurial activities during the week.

This annual event occurs in the space of a week and includes the participation of entrepreneurial experts, policy makers, education practitioners and politicians. Last year, 88 countries hosted the World Entrepreneurship Week and generated over 32,000 activities.

Science Hack Day
48 non-stop hours of science and technology collaboration which aims to bring together the community of hackers Malagasy.

The day Science Hack is a means of promoting innovation, science and technology, as well as a way to highlight all researchers and inventors working in their corner, without recognition or support. The SHD can also trigger the inner pirate in each of us.