Startup Maroc


Morocco Startup (or Startup Morocco) is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting an entrepreneurial culture alive and dynamic in Morocco. The purpose of StartUp Morocco is to advance the success of startups in Morocco through targeted strategic actions:
Educate, inspire and connect the new generation of young entrepreneurs and facilitate their access to the support they need to succeed.
Support the growth of startups and help communities create the conditions for a mature entrepreneurial ecosystem in Morocco.
Spread the culture of innovation at national level by promoting entrepreneurship among young people and celebrate the success stories that inspire future entrepreneurs.

In the long term, Startup Morocco aims to play a leading role in the entrepreneurial scene in Morocco by becoming a real catalyst at a national level to stimulate economic development focused on entrepreneurship, job creation and innovation around Morocco. The main idea behind Startup Morocco is to create a unifying brand around a concrete action towards a more entrepreneurial Morocco.


Startup Morocco’s mission is to prepare a new generation of entrepreneurs, to contribute in the creation of better conditions for the development of fundable startups and spread the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship as a core value of Moroccan society.

Impact and success stories:

Startup Morocco organises two flagship events:

  1. Maroc Startup Cup, the largest business model competition for the most promising Moroccan startups. The StartUp Cup is a global network for the promotion of entrepreneurship through a business model competition that is open to all kinds of ideas that has demonstrated in recent years as an effective model to create sustainable businesses and strengthen the local entrepreneurial ecosystem .
  2. Startup Weekend Morocco, a nationwide roadshow of Startup Weekend Events in 2014, that visited 12 different cities building  local entrepreneurial communities.

Partnership Activities:

In partnership with the Anzisha Program, Startup Morocco will be organising the following during their Startup Cup and Startup Weekend:

  1. Introduction of Anzisha Prize during 12 startup weekend bootcamp in Morocco, starting from September 2015.
  2.  Organising a press release on the Anzisha Prize.
  3. Emailing it’s database of 10 000 participants about the Anzisha Prize.
  4. Posting about the Anzisha Prize on Startup Morocco’s social media such as Twitter and Facebook.