Teens Club (Egypt)


Teens Club is the first entity that focuses on teenagers in Egypt and provides them with early guidance and opportunities for personal and career development. The club is run by teenagers and is for teenagers, who all contribute to the development of Egypt, Africa, and the world.

The club is now an alternative safe heaven for thousands of teenagers to find mentors for their education and career, discover their talents, meet experts, and actively engage in solving their communities’ challenges.



Teen Club’s mission is to empower and to develop them by linking them up with experts, improving their skillsets, challenging stereotypes and providing a safe space for the expression of opinions and talents


Impact and Success Stories

One of the most twelve promising startup in Africa, according to Anzisha Prize.

Won the first Egyptian Boxing Days of Debates powered by Young Arab Voices program and British Council Egypt,and awarded the second and fourth places in the same competition.

Won Cairo National Debate Competition powered by YAV program and British Council.

Won Jordan Regional Boxing Days took place in Amman under the name of Egyptian Team.

Through 3 years, our beneficiaries data hits more than 30,000 applicants to enroll in our activities and workshops.

Have partnerships with the most respectful entities in the world and Egypt. Check the Partners tab.

Our office in Downtown is marked as a safe area and zero-tolerance place against sexual harassment according to HarassMap.