YES Cameroon


YES Cameroon (Youth Employment Service) is a front line service delivery nonprofit organization. The organisation focuses on building the capacities of young people from low income background, the school going population, graduates, job seekers, young businessmen organizations and companies.


YES believes that if young people are given the necessary skills in entrepreneurship & business development, training & consultancy, job placement & career development, they will become agents of change and not victims of change. To achieve this, they have put in placeSeveral programs that focus on job creation and capacity building.

Impact and Success Stories:

Yes uses various projects to assist young entrepreneurs. These are namely the Micro Credit For Startups (MCS), the School Business Club (SBC) and the Sustainable Agri- Business For Urban and Rural Youth (SABURY). As part of the mission, YES engages young people by building their capacities in the domain of job creation through entrepreneurship and business development while focusing in the most innovative approach.
YES noticed that in Cameroon, many people were not aware of the dangers their communities were facing due to poor sanitation. For instance, in Cameroon, sewage and garbage disposal are not handled well, and in some areas, drinking water is not safe. Furthermore, many Cameroonians are not educated on how to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation in their communities and homes. They also lack adequate cleaning materials, like insecticides, disinfectants, and other chemicals to kill germs and mosquito larvae in standing water. The few cleaners that are available are either poor quality, or too expensive for most people to afford. In addition to that, the lack of infrastructure and the harsh climate also contribute to a lack of sanitation, causing excess dust during the prolonged dry season, and muddy floods during the rainy season.

All of these problems motivated YES to address public sanitation and hygiene in the country.  They felt these areas needed immediate attention in order to improve the well-being of the people, community, country and nature. Thus, they initiated the Saving Our Environmental project in Douala.

WHO IS AN ALBINO? … A PERSON LIKE YOU! – An Anti-Discrimination Campaign
Due to all of the injustices albinos face around the world, YES initiated the project, “Who is an Albino?…A Person Like You.” Since the future will be molded by youth, they decided to aim the project at educating students who attend a local college. They felt it was really important to educate them on what it really means to be an albino; that it was just a lack of pigmentation and it has nothing to do with being cursed or granting luck after sacrifice.