Anzisha Fellows


Since 2011, the Anzisha Prize has selected Fellows from across the continent who are doing amazing things in every sector. In these online profiles, you can see what they were up to when we found them, and read articles that track how they and their businesses or social ventures have evolved. This network of entrepreneurs is a key driver of future economic growth and shining example of the power of youth in Africa.

Lourena Bundi

L & C Buffet Infantil

Angola, 2018

Crafting memorable events for children.

Lourena has a knack for identifying opportunities in areas that are not always apparent. In 2015, after her cousin had asked her to organize a baby shower, it occurred to her that there was a limited variety of party planners dedicated to creating parties for young children in Angola.

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Akpe Kevin Edorh


Togo, 2018

Improving emergency response through technology enabled platforms.

After experiencing the death of a close relative who had passed away in an accident where emergency responders where slow to take action, Akpe made it his mission to transform emergency response services in Togo.

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Aldred Dogue

Africa Foods Mill

Benin, 2018

Supporting local agriculture and industry through high quality packaged foods

From a young age, Aldred always knew he wanted to be involved in social change—joining the leadership organization AIESEC and getting working with them on education and gender equality projects.

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Alhaji siraj Bah

Rugsal Trading

Sierra Leone, 2018

Crafting sustainable alternatives to paper bags and charcoal

Alhaji was born in a small town in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. After struggling to find money to pay for his school fees, Alhaji took it upon himself to find a factory job to pay for his studies. Through this job, he managed to raise the equivalent of US $20 which he saved as seed capital for a business he hoped to start.

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Alina Karimamusama

Youth Arize

Zambia, 2018

Alina is a young woman driven to solve the challenges of gender inequality and economic marginalization facing women in Zambia. Recognizing that a lack of…

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Amanda Jojo

The Trea Garden

South Africa, 2018

Building community and creating employment a cup of coffee at a time.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, Amanda Jojo is hard at working turning her lifelong love for coffee into a viable enterprise.

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Awah Ntseh

Farmer's Forte

Cameroon, 2018

Transforming unusual natural ingredients into market-leading beauty products.

Awah grew up in Douala, Cameroon, and has always been drawn to nature and farming. His first foray intro entrepreneurship was tomato farming. A few years ago, a colony of snails invaded and attacked his tomato crop, and a passerby remarked how she had used snail mucin (slime) to heal a skin problem she once had.

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Boluwatife Omotayo


Nigeria, 2018

Leveraging tech to link artisan repairers to lucrative opportunities

Having developed a keen interest in technology at the age of 16, Boluwatife is committed to using technology to create social impact.

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Farah Emara

Jidar Wall Art

Egypt, 2018

Livening up interior spaces with creative murals and wall art

Farah is an artist and student from Cairo with a deep desire to uplift the creative economy in Egypt. She is the founder of Jidar Wall Art, a non-profit collective that harnesses the power of art to transform interior spaces into works of art. The company recruits artists to paint customized murals and re-design interiors for various businesses.

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Joan Nalubega

Union-Ganics (Uganics)

Uganda, 2018

Championing a non-traditional product and business model to tackle Malaria

Growing up in an orphanage, Joan often found herself falling ill with Malaria, a disease that remains all too pervasive in her country of Uganda.

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Kevin Kibet


Kenya, 2018

Breaking new ground in cash crop farming

Despite being raised in the urban environment of Nairobi, Kevin has always been drawn to rural life. In 2015, Kevin decided to indulge his curiosity and explore entrepreneurial opportunities in the rural areas.

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Kisseka Samson

Hello Mushrooms U Ltd

Uganda, 2018

Empowering smallholder farmers though mushroom farming

Kisseka grew up engaging in peri-urban farming and Uganda and developed a love for agriculture early on.

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