Asia Saed

Seeing how her classmates and other youth struggled to find jobs after completing university, Asia Saeed knew she needed to take action. She started two companies, Hello Cunto Fudud and Ashiya Digital Library. Both companies failed. But this was not to be a deterrent for Asia, but rather the extra motivation she needed to succeed and provide hope to the youth of Somalia.

She founded 2doon. 2doon is a social enterprise established to reduce unemployment for the Somalian youth. They do this by offering services such as writing up CVs for this cohort and providing training sessions and workshops to help the youth gain relevant skills. With three companies using 2doon, Asia is well on her way in revitalizing the landscape of employment in her country.

As the business grows, Asia hopes to support 10,000 Somali youth entering the labour market in the next 5 years. Currently, the business has 3 full-time employees who are all working towards curbing the hopelessness that often clouds the employment search.