Boluwatife Omotayo

Having developed a keen interest in technology at the age of 16, Boluwatife is committed to using technology to create social impact.

He is applying his IT expertise to solve a problem of market access for small scale repairers who fix electronics. His company, TabDigitals,  helps consumers find artisans who can repair and replace electronic gadgets. Customers place a request on the online platform, and their gadgets are picked up, repaired and then delivered back to them. The platform is the first of its kind in Nigeria and is helping to facilitate wider market access for local repairmen and women, while enabling customers to find efficient and reliable artisans to fix their gadgets.

Boluwatife currently works closely with 20 local repairers, who have benefited from consistent flow of work. Improved market access has enabled the repairers to get 30% more orders and raise their average monthly incomes.  

Boluwatife sees a landscape filled with opportunities for expansion, given that there are over 80 million gadget users in the Nigerian market. In the next 5 years, he hopes to quadruple the number of repairers in their network, process at least 50,000 orders annually, and scale to an additional 5 cities.

In 2017, he was recognized by the Tony Elemelu Foundation for “pioneering an idea that has the potential to transform Africa.”