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Caleb Annobil

High School Water Product
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Caleb Annobil became aware of the dangers of unclean water after the death of his friend due to cholera and his trials of accessing clean water. While in high school, Caleb met Youssif and the two began drafting ideas on how to provide clean water to young children like themselves. Youssif would later become the co-founder of High School Water.

High School Water Product under IYC Life Company Limited is an enterprise which customises sachet water to sell to students at affordable prices. They source their water from U-Splash – a mineral water company at the University of Cape Coast.

Caleb’s tenacity sees him undertake the role as CEO with determination as he propels the team to strive to reach their ultimate goal of becoming the main sachet water dealer in Ghana, creating a large consumer base of over 1.5 million students in the country and employing over 250 youth.

Never one to stop, currently IYC Life Company Limited is developing a photonic detecting technology that can be used by anyone to detect water purity level before any intake of water.

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