Christian Kassahun

By the age of 17 Christian Kassahun was a self-taught developer and coder, and had launched his first business, Synex Systems, a system that developed various software products including lightweight cloud-based ERP.

At the age of 19, he saw a problem in the agricultural sector and decided to work on a solution that could help farmers and the community, and founded GebeyaNet Technologies S.C.

Christian is the co-founder of GebeyaNet, an agricultural e-commerce platform that connects smallholder farmers with the market and also facilitates logistics and payment systems for them. It’s like Uber and Amazon for farmers. The platform provides a service that is inclusive of USSD, website, GPS, SMS, call centre, as well as IVR services for both buyers and farmers.

Now at the age of 21 and as CEO of GebeyaNet, Christian is even more determined to expand the services beyond Ethiopia by working with more farmers and organisations to have greater variety of agricultural products and to enable farmers to sell to their local market and also export to the rest of the continent.