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Edgar Edmund

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Edgar Edmund is the founder of  GreenVenture.  Seeing how the rains and floods destroyed houses in his country and how houses were weak because of poor foundations and poor building materials, Edgar was inspired to solve this problem by turning adversity into opportunity.

GreenVenture Recycles plastic waste into cheap and affordable building products such as paving blocks. The venture aims to help people to build houses but also helps to promote environmental sustainability.

He employs 5 people that create bricks and they are paid according to the number of bricks they produce. 100 people a day collect plastic all over the streets of Arusha. Although polluting the environment used to be a problem for this business, Edgar has managed to find a way to transform the smoke into gas that environmentally friendly.

So what does the future hold for GreenVenture? There are currently 3 companies that are willing to help Edgar expand his company, after he graduates at the end on this year as he will now be able to invest 100% of his time to the business.

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