Emmanuel Agyei

Emmanuel Agyei was always interested in journalism. His father is a journalist. But his uncle managed to shift his focus to a world of technology and marketing. It was then he realised the importance of communication and information tools within organisations. Thus, bringing to life Campus Trends Ghana, which he co-founded.

Campus Trends Ghana is a marketing firm providing advice, quantitative and qualitative solutions, marketing and communication services to bridge the gap between the firm and the student market. They provide a variety of detailed services, including but not limited to internet and social media advertising; traditional marketing; research and survey on the student market et al.

In 2016-2017, Campus Trends played an integral part in creating a platform which Ghana Uni Bank used as a payment method where university students could easily pay their fees.

Recently, Campus Trends launched the CAMPUS HEALTH innovative program which seeks to help through advocacy and to educate youth on health issues. Their first campaign, which is the advocacy of HIV/AIDS, has partnered with the University of Ghana Hospital, Ghana Aids Commission, UNAIDS and other institutions.