Fabrice Alomo

Fabrice Alomo is passionate about solving local problems through the use of technology catered towards the market of the developing world. In 2013, Fabrice dedicated himself to being a full-time entrepreneur along with his co-founder with the intention to positively impact people his community, reduce poverty, and create jobs. The lack of visibility and accessibility of African businesses to a wider market coupled with his desire to see better for the continent lead to the founding of MyAConnect.

MyAConnect is a web platform that aims to digitize trade in Africa through using technology to affect how Africans buy, sell, and pay. The MyAConnect trading platform, made up of nine employees, digitalizes small businesses which in turn empowers them; as most do not have huge marketing and advertising budgets. More than 120 local businesses can be found on his website. The innovation of MyAConnect can be seen with their AMoney solution which enables people to buy and sell  products without the need to have a visa card or bank account.

MyAConnect has registered 18000 individuals with banks, migrated about 250 farmers and 627 SMEs from cash payments to digital payments. These clients are now better able to manage their finances by building resilience against financial shocks.


According to Fabrice: “I am a Do It Yourself (DIY) advocate. For me, each problem has a solution. If there is no solution there is no problem.”