Farah Emara

Farah is an artist and student from Cairo with a deep desire to uplift the creative economy in Egypt. She is the founder of Jidar Wall Art, a  collective that harnesses the power of art to transform interior spaces into works of art. The company recruits artists to paint customized murals and re-design interiors for various businesses.

Farah sees herself as a key facilitator in helping artists secure well-paying work. She sources clients looking for an innovative way to amplify their brand and pairs them with an artist in her network best suited to deliver the right artistic solution. She sees her business as a way to bring art and innovation into the daily experience of society while providing artists an opportunity to become active contributors to the corporate sector.

So far, Farah has so far signed on 30 clients and has plans to grow further. Her hope is to create an online platform to link more artists to businesses and create a sustainable income source for Cairo’s talented artists.

In recognition of her work, Farah was named one of “25 under 25” entrepreneurs reinventing Egypt by startupscene.com in 2017.