Kevin Kibet

Despite being raised in the urban environment of Nairobi, Kevin has always been drawn to rural life. In 2015, Kevin decided to indulge his curiosity and explore entrepreneurial opportunities in the rural areas.  

Upon doing research, Kevin discovered that rural youth were disenfranchised from farming. He decided to create space for youth to participate in agriculture by starting his own youth-led avocado farm. Kevin chose avocado after realising it was fast becoming an in demand,  high value cash crop both locally and in export markets. Kevin recruited several young farmers to pilot the idea, and the first group of farmers are expecting their first avocado harvests later this year.

His company, FarmMoja Limited, works with smallholder farmers— giving them inputs, training and access to reliable markets. Since inception in 2016, FarmMoja has distributed inputs to 30 farmers, acquired a 7 acre farm with 1000 trees planted, and raised $20,000 in equity funding from angel investors to underwrite expansion activities.

Kevin hopes FarmMoja can become the largest smallholder driven agricultural development company on the continent. His target is to recruit 1000 smallholder avocado farmers by year end and have a network of a million farmers by the year 2030.