Anzisha Fellows


Since 2011, the Anzisha Prize has selected Fellows from across the continent who are doing amazing things in every sector. In these online profiles, you can see what they were up to when we found them, and read articles that track how they and their businesses or social ventures have evolved. This network of entrepreneurs is a key driver of future economic growth and shining example of the power of youth in Africa.

Denise Mulenga

Den-Shé Urban Wear

Zambia, 2011

Denise Mulenga is the chief fashion designer and founder of DenShé Urban Wear, a fashion design company that produces colourful urban clothing for young women in Lusaka, mixing African and Western designs and delighting customers.

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George Bakka

Angels Finance Cooperation

Uganda, 2011

George Bakka is the founder of the business incubator Angels Finance Cooperation (AFC), which provides a supportive environment for young people to develop entrepreneurial ventures to bring themselves and their families out of poverty.

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Fredrick Swai

The Dreamer Center

Tanzania, 2011

Fredrick Swai is the founder of The Dreamer Center, an organization that offers local computing and office services such as printing and book binding, as well as youth enrichment programs to help build applicable future job skills, such as computer training.

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Ludwick Marishane

Headboy Industries

South Africa, 2011

Ludwick Phofane Marishane is the founder of HeadBoy Industries, which developed and owns the patent for DryBath, the world’s first bath-substituting lotion, focused on serving the African continent.

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