Anzisha Fellows

Abdul Alayande


Nigeria, 2019

Abdulwaheed Alayande believes he is the bridge between technology and people. Curious about how technology will influence and shape the future, Abdulwaheed is confident we…

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Osvaldo Mokouma


Congo, 2019

Agriculture was never in Osvaldo Mokouma‚Äôs realm of interests. However, after seeing the high numbers of imported agricultural goods in The Republic of Congo, Osvaldo…

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Mamadjang Jallow

Jallow Trading

The Gambia, 2019

The growing need to support his father was one of the many reasons why Mamadjang Jallow created his agricultural business, Jallow Trading. At the age…

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Christian Kassahun


Ethiopia, 2019

By the age of 17 Christian Kassahun was a self-taught developer and coder, and had launched his first business, Synex Systems, a system that developed…

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Segbe Accrombessi

Kawan Africa

Benin, 2019

In Benin, farmers practice rain fed agriculture – meaning there are periods of abundance and scarcity. To help curb the uncertainty of production of tomatoes…

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Emmanuel Okon


Nigeria, 2019

After experiencing and seeing the pitfalls of mental health in Nigeria, Emmanuel Okon founded Vmedkit, to address psychiatric disorders in mentally ill persons. Growing up…

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Godiragetse Mogajane

Goodie Tutors

South Africa, 2019

Godiragetse is deeply passionate about social educational development. Godiragetse Mogajane is the Founder of Goodie Tutors Pty Ltd and the brain child behind AskGoodie, a…

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Marvellous Nyongoro

The Housing Hub

Zimbabwe, 2019

Creating safe and affordable off campus accommodation.

The Housing Hub is a service provision platform that uses smart technology. It enables tertiary students in Zimbabwe to book and make payments for off campus accommodation online. The company employs students as agents, giving them an opportunity to earn income, through commission.

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Lourena Bundi

L & C Buffet Infantil

Angola, 2018

Crafting memorable events for children.

Lourena has a knack for identifying opportunities in areas that are not always apparent. In 2015, after her cousin had asked her to organize a baby shower, it occurred to her that there was a limited variety of party planners dedicated to creating parties for young children in Angola.

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Akpe Kevin Edorh


Togo, 2018

Improving emergency response through technology enabled platforms.

After experiencing the death of a close relative who had passed away in an accident where emergency responders where slow to take action, Akpe made it his mission to transform emergency response services in Togo.

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Aldred Dogue

Africa Foods Mill

Benin, 2018

Supporting local agriculture and industry through high quality packaged foods

From a young age, Aldred always knew he wanted to be involved in social change—joining the leadership organization AIESEC and getting working with them on education and gender equality projects.

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Alhaji siraj Bah

Rugsal Trading

Sierra Leone, 2018

Crafting sustainable alternatives to paper bags and charcoal

Alhaji was born in a small town in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. After struggling to find money to pay for his school fees, Alhaji took it upon himself to find a factory job to pay for his studies. Through this job, he managed to raise the equivalent of US $20 which he saved as seed capital for a business he hoped to start.

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