Anzisha Fellows

Nomena Andrianantoandro


Madagascar, 2018

Promoting a healthy lifestyle through locally produced beverages

Health and wellness has been a lifelong passion for Nomena, a Business Management student in Madagascar.

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Richard Turere

Lion Lights

Kenya, 2018

Pioneering a home grown solution to wildlife conservation

Richard Turere hails from the pastoral Maasai community in Kenya. As a young boy, he was responsible for herding and caretaking his family’s herd of cattle. Because Richard’s family lives on the periphery of the unfenced Nairobi National Park, they often experienced lion attacks on their livestock, leading to devastating losses of livestock that they depend on for survival.

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Thando Hlongwane


South Africa, 2018

Connecting student tech developers to start up opportunities

Thando is a Computer Science student at the University of Cape Town.
An avid believer in the transformative power of technology, Thando is playing his part to link young people to opportunities where they can use their technological skills while catalyzing the growth of new businesses.

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Vanessa Ishimwe

YIDA (Youth Initiative for Development in Africa)

Uganda, 2018

Availing education opportunities to refugee children.

Vanessa is a Rwandan national who grew up in Kyaka refugee Camp in Uganda, where she moved to at the age of 9. Despite facing enormous economic challenges that meant her schooling was always interrupted, Vanessa’s tenacity earned her a scholarship to resume her studies in 2016.

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Ignatius Ahumuza

Art Planet Academy

Uganda, 2017

Ignatius is the founder of Art Planet Academy, which is an organisation that has identifies the need to create an agricultural school in order to respond to the needs of the community in Uganda

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Rebecca Andrianarisandy


Madagascar, 2017

GasGasy supplies an affordable, environmentally friendly and a sustainable bio-fertiliser made in Madagascar for Malagasy people. It is a liquid fertilizer (easier to use and spray onto crops).

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Jessan Kumar Persand

Jessan Kumar Persand Crab Aquaculture

Mauritius, 2017

Jessan Kumar Persand had always dreamed of launching his own business, and it is by observing that there is a lack of fresh crabs on…

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Maemu Lambani

Fearless Trendz

South Africa, 2017

At at just 20, Maemu Thiofhi Lambani has managed to defy all and start her own digital marketing agency. Her company, Fearless Trendz is a…

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Ibrahima Ben Aziz Konate

Poultry d'Or

YCote d'Ivoire, 2017

Ibrahima is the founder of Poultry d’Or which is a company that produces and distributes fresh poultry products and agro-foods. Their products are slaughtered, cleaned, packaged and delivered all in one day.

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Gerald Matolo

Angaza Africa Technologies

Kenya, 2017

Gerald Matolo is the founder of Angaza Africa Technologies, a company that is revolutionising the use of safe and affordable sources of household and industrial energy…

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Fadwa Moussaif

Boucharouette Eco-Création

Morocco, 2017

Boucharouette Eco-Création is a company specialising in the manufacture and marketing of hand-woven and hand-knotted carpets from falls in textile industries and their transformation into chiffon, cushions, boards and bags.

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Moonga Chowe

Chilimba Savings

Zambia, 2017

Moonga Chowe is the founder of Chilimba Savings, a company that seeks to provide financial security and peace of mind to traditional credit and savings…

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