Anzisha Fellows

Vicente Zau

Vicente News Company

Angola, 2017

Vicente News Company is an online platform that aims to promote African music, (mainly Angolan music, across the continent to encourage the growth and development of African music in foreign countries.

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Thowiba Alhaj

Jump up Sudan

Sudan, 2017

Thobiwa is the founder of Work Jump-Up Sudan, an organisation that intends to empower University students by linking them to job opportunities.

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Satta Wahab

Naz Naturals

Liberia, 2017

Satta Wahab, is the CEO and Founder of Naz Naturals. Naz Naturals, which is a company that has become paramount in Liberia’s natural hair movement, solidifying its spot…

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Ajiroghene Omanudhowo

360 Needs

Nigeria, 2017

Ajiro has managed to create a social enterprise organisation and parent company birthed solely to create subsidiaries that identify & solve problems in any locality.

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Victoria Olimatunde


Nigeria, 2017

Victoria is the founder of Bizkids which is aimed at teaching kids about financial literacy, savings, money management and rudimentary aspects of starting small scale business through a fun and interactive board game.

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Dina Mohamed Ibrahim

Metro Co-working Space

Egypt, 2017

Metro Co-working Space offers affordable working spaces and coursework trainning that empowers entrepreneurs and young people to thrive.

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Edgar Edmund


Tanzania, 2017

Seeing how the rains and floods destroyed houses in his country and how houses were weak because of poor foundations and poor building materials, Edgar was inspired to solve this problem by turning adversity into opportunity and as a result GreenVenture was founded.

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Aly Abdelazam

Teens Club

Egypt, 2016

20 year old Aly is founder of Teens Club, a youth empowerment organization. Teens Club provides teenagers with a platform to develop themselves professionally by linking them up with experts, improving their skillsets, and providing a safe space for the expression of opinions and talents.

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Andrew Ddembe

Heart for the Hurt

Uganda, 2016

Andrew Ddembe is the Founder for Heart for the hunt. He is a serial entrepreneur who manages a seasonality of businesses in Textile making, Restaurants, and Coffee production.

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Asha Abbas


Tanzania, 2016

Aurateen provides counseling services both online and in person, and works with medical practitioners and youth experts to educate about STDs.

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Benedict Kusi Ampofo

Project Kiriku

Ghana, 2016

Project KIRIKU, a demonstration farm, is designed to create sustainable agricultural communities to minimize poverty by providing requisite skills, knowledge, and innovative technology, helping participating farmers and youth improve their agricultural yield through practice based learning.

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Faustino Quissico

TQ Group Services

Mozambique, 2016

22 year old Faustino is founder of TQ Group Services, a construction company which makes hard wood floors using raw local materials sourced from Mozambique. The company currently employs 13 people.

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