Anzisha Fellows


Since 2011, the Anzisha Prize has selected Fellows from across the continent who are doing amazing things in every sector. In these online profiles, you can see what they were up to when we found them, and read articles that track how they and their businesses or social ventures have evolved. This network of entrepreneurs is a key driver of future economic growth and shining example of the power of youth in Africa.

Chantal Butare

KIDACO (Kinazi Dairy Cooperative)

Rwanda, 2015

Meet Chantal Butare, founder of Kinazi Dairy Cooperative (KIDACO) offering market access to 3250 farmers through 10 milk collectors, enabling market access and unlocking revenues from dormant community cattle assets.

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Karidas Tshintsholo

Push Ismokol

South Africa, 2015

Meet Karidas Tshinstsholo, co-founder of Push Ismokol, a clothing brand that employs and trains six youth in the Ekangala township of Pretoria, with significant pent up demand due to savvy marketing techniques.

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Fabrice Alomo


Cameroon, 2015

Meet Fabrice Alomo, founder of MyAConnect, which provides a web platform that aims to ease trade in Africa by digitizing what and how people buy, sell, and pay, through four user-friendly applications, with 128 companies currently utilizing the platforms

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Chris Kwekowe


Nigeria, 2015

Meet Chris Kwekowe,the young technology consultant who has designed and developed dozens of apps over the years, including the award-winning StudyHub EduSuite Pro and OfficeSmart DNS.

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George Mtemahanji

SunSweet Solar

Tanzania, 2015

Meet George Mtemahanji, an innovative alternative energy entrepreneur, co-founder of SunSweet Solar, which designs, plans, organizes and bring solar energy to rural Tanzania.

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Mabel Suglo

Eco Shoes

Ghana, 2015

Meet Mabel Suglo, founder of Echo Shoes, foot-wear business specializing in designing and making shoes from recycled materials, producing 30 pairs of shoes a month, and engaging persons with disabilities in the production process.

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Farai Munjoma

Shasha iseminar

Zimbabwe, 2015

Meet Farai, whose vision is to see an Africa that is free from poverty, which he believes can only be achieved if business minded individuals take ownership of empowering people.

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Sirjeff Dennis

Jefren Agrifriend Ltd. Company

Tanzania, 2015

Meet Sirjeff, founder of Jefren Afgrifriend Ltd. Company which impacts lives through providing access to a variety of agricultural crops with an emphasis on poultry and vegetable farming. Sirjeff seeks to build a healthy Africa with sufficient high-quality food, higher agricultural inputs, and lower imports.

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Hidaya Ibrahim

Qine Association for Promoting Education Quality (QAPEQ)

Ethiopia, 2015

Meet Hidaya Ibrahim, co-founder of Qine Association for Promoting Education Quality, a venture that organizes capacity building activities for students to increase critical thinking and analytical research skills, and convenes sector players for consultation on education quality.

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Vanessa Zommi

Emerald Moringa Tea

Cameroon, 2015

Meet Vanessa Zommi, whose vision is to see the Buea community develop a tea drinking culture and be healthier and happier, while managing diabetes.

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Blessing Fortune Kwomo

De Rehoboths Theurapeutic Studio

Nigeria, 2015

Meet Blessing Kwomo, co-founder of De Rehoboths Therapeutic Studio which extends home-based health care through tailored family action plans for treating illness and addressing root causes to empower families to live healthier within the context of their surroundings/ circumstances.

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Martha Njeri Chumo

The Dev School

Kenya, 2014

Meet Martha, a young lady from Kenya and an IT enthusiast. On being denied a US visa to go to a hacking school, she decided to open up her own.

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