Anzisha Fellows

Geoffrey Mulei


Kenya, 2016

20 year old Geoffrey Mulei is founder of INKISHA: a startup designed to increase access to eco-friendly packaging among African consumers by partnering with advertisers and innovative brands.

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Heritiaina Randriamananatahina


Madagascar, 2016

Founded FIOMBONANA, an agro-processing enterprise that manufactures dairy products and confectioneries using only Madagascan raw materials, employing farmers and providing local job opportunities.

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Ifrah Arab


Kenya, 2016

Founder and C.E.O of Supermom, a venture that aims to close market gap for last-mile distribution to low-income individuals by empowering and enabling women in communities to create a door-to-door distribution network in order to improve livelihoods.

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Issam Darui

Morocco, 2016 is the first electronic bus station in Morocco, available in 10 languages and 25 currencies, established to provide services to travel cleverly for the first time in Morocco, providing schedules to over 150 destinations including tourist destinations.

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N’guessan Koffi Jacques Olivier

Yaletite Entrepreneurship Group CI

YCote d'Ivoire, 2016

Founder of The Yaletite Entrepreneurship Group CI, an agricultural group with the aim of producing and selling food crops for profit, locating subsidies for students with disabilities, and mobilizing youth for agricultural employment.

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Lamine Chamsiya

E3D Cosmetique

Niger, 2016

Lamine is co-founder of E3D Cosmetique, a manufacturing company of a range of skincare and haircare products such as the Bio Neem products which protect against mosquitoes and parasites, and helps one to maintain healthy skin.

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Yaye Souadou Fall


Senegal, 2016

President of E-cover, a venture that repurposes waste by recycling tires to produce more useful items like shoe soles, roads and even coverings for swimming pools; serving the society and environment.

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Daniel Mukisa

Transporter Corporation

Uganda, 2015

Meet Daniel Mukisa, co-founder of Transporter Corporation, a provider of delivery services in Kampala using own branded fleet of 30 motorbikes, carrying out around 150 deliveries daily for corporate clients.

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Chantal Butare

KIDACO (Kinazi Dairy Cooperative)

Rwanda, 2015

Meet Chantal Butare, founder of Kinazi Dairy Cooperative (KIDACO) offering market access to 3250 farmers through 10 milk collectors, enabling market access and unlocking revenues from dormant community cattle assets.

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Karidas Tshintsholo

Push Ismokol

South Africa, 2015

Meet Karidas Tshinstsholo, co-founder of Push Ismokol, a clothing brand that employs and trains six youth in the Ekangala township of Pretoria, with significant pent up demand due to savvy marketing techniques.

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Fabrice Alomo


Cameroon, 2015

Meet Fabrice Alomo, founder of MyAConnect, which provides a web platform that aims to ease trade in Africa by digitizing what and how people buy, sell, and pay, through four user-friendly applications, with 128 companies currently utilizing the platforms

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Chris Kwekowe


Nigeria, 2015

Meet Chris Kwekowe,the young technology consultant who has designed and developed dozens of apps over the years, including the award-winning StudyHub EduSuite Pro and OfficeSmart DNS.

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