Anzisha Fellows


Since 2011, the Anzisha Prize has selected Fellows from across the continent who are doing amazing things in every sector. In these online profiles, you can see what they were up to when we found them, and read articles that track how they and their businesses or social ventures have evolved. This network of entrepreneurs is a key driver of future economic growth and shining example of the power of youth in Africa.

Diana Kerubo Mong’are

Planet Green

Kenya, 2012

Diana Kerubo Mong’are is the founder of Planet Green, a recycling initiative that mobilizes farmers, carpenters, households, and a local recycling company in Kenya to reduce waste build up, at a profit.

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Faisal Burhan

Waste Value

Tanzania, 2012

Faisal Burhan is an inventor extraordinaire who designed and built a gas-producing bio-digester, as well as a powerful microscope for science classes at his local school in Tanzania, using only sheet metal and other basic raw materials.

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Khaled Shady


Egypt, 2013

Khaled Shady is the inventor of Mubser, a wearable belt for the visually impaired, fully equipped with Bluetooth and Microsoft Kinect, which allows the wearer to navigate safely around objects and obstacles, using a system of vibrating motors.

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Isaac Nekemiah Oboth

Media 256

Uganda, 2012

Isaac Nekemiah Oboth is the founder of Media 256, a rising media production company that creates innovative videos for a wide range of NGO and corporate clients across the African continent and beyond

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Laetitia Mukungu

Africa Rabbit Centre

Kenya, 2012

Laetitia Mukungu is the founder of the Africa Rabbit Centre, based in Kenya, a cooperative organization that raises and sells rabbits, their fur, and their waste products profitably in order to help local women pay for their childrens’ educational needs.

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Temitayo Olufuwa

Jobs in Nigeria

Nigeria, 2013

Temitayo Olufuwa, 21, is the creator of JobsinNigeria, a web-based system that allows users to search, find and apply for new jobs at the click of the mouse or on mobile devices, to reduce frictional unemployment in Nigeria

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Lindokuhle Mdluli


Swaziland, 2012

Lindokuhle Mdluli is the founder of Eco-Eagle. His company produces high- yield organic produce on non-arable land, using hydrophonic and other low-cost methods, generating a 10X return on its initial investment.

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Mahmood Oyewo


Nigeria, 2012

Mahmood Oyewo is the founder of RubiQube, a cross-platform (iPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows Mobile) mobile applications platform for the Nigerian mobile phone market, with significant potential to expand to the worldwide market.

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Mohamed Aldesouky Ismail

Bara's Company

Egypt, 2012

Mohamed Aldesouky Ismail is the founder of Bara Co., which designs and manufactures scientific toys, aimed at primary and secondary school aged children, to promote increased experiential learning in Egypt.

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Mubarak Muyika

HypeCentury Technologies & Investments

Kenya, 2012

Mubarack Muyika is the founder of HypeCentury Technologies & Investments, a business which develops dynamic and affordable websites for local SMMEs in Kenya, helping them reach customers.

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Nadege Iradukunda

UYRD Biogas Digesters

Rwanda, 2012

Nadege Iradukunda is a founding member of the United Youth for Rwandan Development, an organization which spearheads the deployment of biogas solutions in schools, serving over 15,000 students in Rwanda.

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Naledi Mosweu

Guardian Angels Company

Botswana, 2012

Naledi Mosweu is the founder of Guardian Angels Co., an award-winning company that produces, markets, and sells a line of solid, alcohol-free perfumes for both men and women across Botswana, the African continent, and potentially worldwide.

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