Anzisha Fellows

David Morfaw

Poult-Vault Inc.

Cameroon, 2013

David Morfaw is the founder of the poultry business Poult-Vault Inc., a business which provides chicken and eggs to his community and gives the poultry waste produced to local farmers, who use it as manure for raising crops and other produce

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Neftaly Malatjie

Diepsloot Youth Projects

South Africa, 2013

Neftaly Malatjie started Diepsloot Youth Projects (DYP) to create progress in the poverty stricken Diepsloot area. DYP focuses on income generating programmes that enable young people to engage in business opportunities to better the community.

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Titus Mawano


Uganda, 2013

Titus Mawano is the founder and brains behind Ffene, a technology enabled business management platform for SMMEs in Africa who are struggling to stay organised and still use loose-leaf notebooks to keep records of clients and sales.

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Donald Bambara

Green Act

Senegal, 2013

Donald Bambara co-started Green Act, a project that separates trash from recyclables, processes the recyclables into plastic pellets, funds cleaning services on campuses, and educates young people on waste management practices.

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Andrew Mupuya


Uganda, 2012

Andrew Mupuya is the founder and CEO of YELI, a paper bag, envelope, and paper bag production company that produces custom solutions for local hospitals and vendors in Uganda. YELI employs 19 persons, the oldest of whom is 53 years old.

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Gonjetso Chinyama

Malawi, 2013

Gonjetso Chinyama is the founder of a creative digital agency called Twenty2Creative. With his passion for IT and design, he has built an internet real-estate search engine called Pakwathu, focused on Malawian real estate.

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David Mwendele

Let God Be You Foundation

Tanzania, 2012

David Mwendele is the founder and Executive Director of the Let God Be You Foundation, an initiative that trains youth to launch their own ventures in book manufacturing, baking, and photography, focused in Tanzania.

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Joie Laurent Sangwa

Domestic Biogas Use Promotion Project

Rwanda, 2013

Joie Laurent Sangwa works with a youth organization to install domestic biogas units for homes in her region. Biogas offers a cheap environmentally friendly alternative energy source.

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Diana Kerubo Mong’are

Planet Green

Kenya, 2012

Diana Kerubo Mong’are is the founder of Planet Green, a recycling initiative that mobilizes farmers, carpenters, households, and a local recycling company in Kenya to reduce waste build up, at a profit.

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Faisal Burhan

Waste Value

Tanzania, 2012

Faisal Burhan is an inventor extraordinaire who designed and built a gas-producing bio-digester, as well as a powerful microscope for science classes at his local school in Tanzania, using only sheet metal and other basic raw materials.

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Khaled Shady


Egypt, 2013

Khaled Shady is the inventor of Mubser, a wearable belt for the visually impaired, fully equipped with Bluetooth and Microsoft Kinect, which allows the wearer to navigate safely around objects and obstacles, using a system of vibrating motors.

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Isaac Nekemiah Oboth

Media 256

Uganda, 2012

Isaac Nekemiah Oboth is the founder of Media 256, a rising media production company that creates innovative videos for a wide range of NGO and corporate clients across the African continent and beyond

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