Saudah Birungi

In 2012, Saudah lost her brother to diarrhoea due to the lack of access to clean water in school. She had just graduated from high school and had to drop out unable to pay her school fees. It was then, that she vowed to make sure school children, homes and communities like hers had access to clean water.

In 2014, she teamed up with a water engineer and plumber to start crafting the idea of providing large amounts of clean water to schools.

Saudah co-founded Tusafishe which is an enterprise that constructs water filters using locally available materials for students in rural schools and their homes to provide them with safe drinking water. The project trains the students in the technology so that they can maintain their school filters and enables them to replicate it in their communities. They can use them as a source of income for themselves but if they cannot afford filters from Tusafishse, they can construct one for themselves using locally available materials.

Through the help of the Social Innovation Academy developed a biological filter using finely ground granite and moringa seed powder as the main medium of purification. Combining three natural processes, the filter eliminates up to 99% of pathogens and 100% of sediment in the water making it safe and clean for human consumption.