Yannick Kimanuka

Yannick Kimanuka grew up in North Kivu eastern Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where the city has been shaken by extreme violence and ethnic wars for more than two decades. Raised by a single mother, Yannick noticed that school children in her area had limited access to quality education.

The KIM’s School Complex, founded by Yannick in 2018, is a nursery and primary school which aims to reduce the trend of intellectual disability found in children from her community. The school’s goal is to prepare children to be globally competitive. The KIM’S School Complex pursues four priority objectives:

  • To provide all students with equal opportunities for social emancipation
  • Promote the self-confidence and development of each student
  • Bring all students to appropriate knowledge and acquire skills that make them useful to society
  • Prepare all students to be responsible citizens

The KIM’s School Complex has been endorsed by the DRC’s Ministry of Education.