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About the Anzisha Prize

The Anzisha Program is a partnership between African Leadership Academy and Mastercard Foundation that seeks to fundamentally and significantly increase the number of job generative entrepreneurs in Africa. We believe that a key to doing so is to test, implement and then share models for identifying, training and connecting high potential, very young entrepreneurs (15 to 22 year olds) so that many more organisations have better collective success in creating a pipeline of entrepreneurs with the capabilities for scale.

                                         Application Deadline is now 20 April!


2018 Anzisha Prize Grand Prize Winners


2018 Grand Prize Winner

$25 000

Alhaji Siraj Bah

2018 First Runner Up

$15 000


2018 Second Runner Up

$12 500

Latest News


Women Shine at the 2018 Anzisha Prize Awards

By Melanie Mboya | November 6, 2018

  Women Shine at the 2018 Anzisha Prize Awards Grand Prize winner and second-runner up are providing healthcare solutions that are changing lives in Africa…

Winners of 2018 Anzisha Prize announced at gala event in Johannesburg, South Africa

By Melanie Mboya | October 25, 2018

2018 Anzisha Prize winners Joan Nalubega (left), Alhaji Siraj Bah (middle) and Melissa Bime (right) “We believe in you more than we believe in politicians.”…

Twenty of Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs will compete for a share of US$100,000 cash prize

By Melanie Mboya | October 2, 2018

  Mastercard Foundation and the African Leadership Academy Welcome the 2018 Anzisha Prize Finalists Twenty of Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs will compete for a share of…

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Anzisha Entrepreneur Profiles

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Aly Abdelazam

20 year old Aly is founder of Teens Club, a youth empowerment organization. Teens Club provides teenagers with a platform to develop themselves professionally by linking them up with experts, improving their skillsets, and providing a safe space for the expression of opinions and talents.


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Asha Abbas

Aurateen provides counseling services both online and in person, and works with medical practitioners and youth experts to educate about STDs.


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Benedict Kusi Ampofo

Project KIRIKU, a demonstration farm, is designed to create sustainable agricultural communities to minimize poverty by providing requisite skills, knowledge, and innovative technology, helping participating farmers and youth improve their agricultural yield through practice based learning.


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Heritiaina Randriamananatahina

Founded FIOMBONANA, an agro-processing enterprise that manufactures dairy products and confectioneries using only Madagascan raw materials, employing farmers and providing local job opportunities.


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Anzisha Prize Awards

In addition to the Anzisha Prize for young entrepreneurs, this year the program will be launching awards for professionals within the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem who contribute to the success of young entrepreneurs in their communities. We will celebrate individuals and groups who highlight and embody the spirit of the Anzisha program.

Look out for more information!